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Professional rug cleaning that services all rug types!

Rugs can either be cleaned in your home or removed to our warehouse for cleaning. Firstly, they are vacuumed on both sides to remove all loose particulate soil, next “The Natural” cleaning solution is applied. This carbonated solution will gently emulsify dirt and stains then propel them to the surface where they can be extracted. Once they are cleaned to our high standards, a deodoriser/sanitiser and protector can be applied. Next the rugs are groomed to restore the pile and nap. The rugs are then hung or an airmover is used for drying. Faster drying times reduce the risk of colour bleeding and growth of mould and mildew. If your rugs have been taken away once dried they will be re-vacuumed and returned to your home or place of business. Protect your long-term investments, give Chem-Dry East Riding a call now.

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What benefits do you get from working with Chem-Dry East Riding?

A rug cleaning process that works

Our unique cleaning process uses the power of carbonation to effectively bring dirt and soil to the surface for easy extraction. We use just one-fifth of the moisture used by some other cleaning processes to achieve remarkable cleaning results and rapid drying for your convenience.

Chem-Dry, providing peace of mind for you

It's comforting to know your rugs are in safe hands and cleaned by a local professional. With over 25 years of rug cleaning experience, Chem-Dry is at the forefront of cleaning research and development and is a brand you can trust.

Cleaner rugs for longer

Chem-Dry's The Natural® contains no soaps, detergents or bleaches that are prone to leaving behind dirt-attracting residue. This means your rugs stay cleaner for longer, saving you money.

Safer and healthier home

The ingredients of The Natural® are copied from Mother Nature and are safe and non-toxic for you, your home and your family. Our rapid drying process leaves no time for mould and bacteria growth and is accredited by the Carpet & Rug Institute and our own Green Certified standards.

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What are the things you are guaranteed to have with Chem-Dry East Riding?

Our cleaning experts at Chem-Dry East Riding are dedicated to providing you with the best cleaning services that produce only the best results in the industry. We want you and your home to come out of our services being 100% happy and healthy and excited to come back for more next time (which won’t be after a while because our services ensure that your home stays clean and beautiful for a long time).

If you choose Chem-Dry East Riding to revitalise your rugs, we guarantee to:

  • Give you the most thorough clean you’ve ever seen.
  • Ensure that you are 100% happy with the results before we leave your home.
  • Give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.
  • Be your trusted cleaning experts; we are happy to provide solutions for all your cleaning problems. Ring us any time!
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How do we clean your rugs?

Chem-Dry East Riding Rug Cleaning service takes the following steps to ensure your rugs look and remain beautifully clean:

1. Pre-inspect your rugs.

2. Rake and vacuum your rugs as necessary.

3. Apply or conduct stain treatment if necessary.

4. Deep clean your rugs and co-apply rug protectant if required.

5. Buff your rugs to remove excess dirt and soil which will make drying faster.

6. Rake your rugs again..

7. Post-inspect the results with you to make sure you are 100% happy with our services.

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We are part of the ChemDry franchise, we use safe, tested products and all of our cleaning technicians have been professionally trained. This makes our cleaning service very thorough with superior results. But, don’t just take our word for it…

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